In January 2022, GEPROVAS became GEPROMED. It remains a non-profit organization which positions itself in the field of expertise and research on medical devices in all medical-surgical disciplines (vascular, ophthalmology, neurosurgery, orthopedics, hand surgery, urology, digestive surgery, gynecology...).

Its history of activity and scientific production makes it an internationally recognized player. Indeed, the organization has the distinction of being positioned at the crossroads between academics (textile mechanics) and clinicians, which gives it a multidisciplinary dimension. We want to make GEPROMED a key player in its fields of expertise, which are the analysis of explants of implantable material, the expertise and the realization of tests for companies, the implementation of training programs, the realization of post-market studies and a host structure for the development of innovative projects. The structure has its own equipment and specific instruments. In this context, the implementation of an effective and operational quality system according to the criteria of ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 allows us to :

  • Develop a company positioning and an offer that meets the requirements of the players in our value chain
  • Produce compliant services
  • Increase and secure our skills and our means of action 

This policy is consistent with GEPROMED's strategy and values :

  • Ethical and humanistic
    • To promote the safety of the care of the persons treated
    • Through risk prevention
  • Independence and Transparency
  • Openness and Sharing

It includes the commitment to meet the requirements and to maintain and continuously improve the efficiency of the Quality Management System. It is then broken down into objectives and indicators for each process. This policy is communicated to all the company's personnel, in particular during communication points. It is part of the internal training on the Quality Management System. Its understanding is regularly checked by the Quality Manager, during annual individual interviews and during internal audits. The half-yearly management reviews verify the permanent adequacy of the Quality Policy and possibly set new objectives according to the changes in the environment (economic, technical, regulatory, requests...)

All our platforms are certified ISO 9001 since 2013 by Lloyd's Register.

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