Gepromed collects and analyzes all explants to understand and characterize a number of complications that occur with vascular prostheses, including tearing and rupture phenomena observed after several years of implantation in patients. All the explanted medical devices (complicated or not) are analyzed within the framework of a European collaborative network of vascular surgeons. We are a major and essential player with skills and strong expertise in the field of biomaterials applied to vascular surgery.

Over the years, we have built up the world's largest database of vascular explants to date.

In accordance with the strategy of opening up Gepromed and extending the implant cycle to other specialties, our teams receive and analyze explants of all specialties.

Find below all the information needed to send us your explants !

Analyze and participate in the improvement of implants

Since December 6, 2012, the protocol we have implemented to analyze vascular explants is certified ISO 9001.

Each explant arriving at Gepromed follows these steps:
  • Upon reception, it is referenced in our database. All the information concerning it is archived and updated.
  • The explant is then analyzed macroscopically before being washed.

On request, additional analyses such as faxitron, histological, or macro and microscopic analyses after enzymatic washing of the explant can be performed. Following this type of analysis, a detailed report is published.

How to send us explants :

Please send us the sample to the address below in a sealed bottle containing :

Faculté de médecine - Bâtiment d'anesthésiologie
4 rue Kirschleger

You no longer have a transport kit ? No Problem!

Send us an e-mail to mentioning your work address and we will send you some bottles and data collection sheets.

Upon receipt of your explants, we will notify you by-email of their analysis and will send you the results via our web platform "Espace Pro"

You can follow the progress of your samples as soon as they are registered.