Vascular Bootcamp

Our famous Vascular Bootcamp (ESVB edition) is held at GEPROMED on May 14th - 15th , 2025.

The objective of this 2-day Bootcamp is to focus on the practice of peripheral and aortic endovascular procedures as a beneficial tool for improving surgical practice on manufacturers' devices.

20 international vascular residents will have the opportunity to practice with and learn from renowned vascular surgeons in workshops held by our industrial sponsors. Following different evaluations, 3 winners will be announced during the congress dinner !

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Translational Research Meeting

The Translational research meeting is held, in collaboration with ESVS Translational Meeting.

Per usual, a Young Researcher Prize session is organized to promote research amongst youngsters, allow young PhD and/or fellow to support and boost research in the field of vascular biomaterials. The abstract submission is open to vascular trainees (MSc, PhD, Students) and scientific researchers in the field of biomaterial and vascular surgery who should be less than 35 years old.

The top 3 winners will have the opportunity to present their work during the main symposium!

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The meeting is organized every 2 years since 2001 by GEPROMED, previously known as GEPROVAS, a non-profit organization that promotes transdisciplinary research in the field of cardiovascular biomaterials.

This meeting brings together physiciansresearchers and companies, to share knowledge about cardiovascular biomaterials and is a unique opportunity to better understand the current in the field.

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date morning evening

7:15 am
Welcome coffee, change of clothes and introductions

8:15 am
Practical sessions of simulation, suturing and sizing

12:30 pm

2:10 pm
Practical sessions of simulation, suturing and sizing

5:50 pm
End of first day

6:00 pm
A get together cocktail with all the participants, supervising experts and industrials


7:45 am
Welcome coffee and change of outfits

8:15 am
Practical sessions of simulation, suturing and sizing

12:00 pm
End of the vascular bootcamp

1:00 pm
Lunch at Palais de la Musique et des congrès