Gepromed is a major player in the expertise and analysis of medical devices. It has a unique know-how, resulting from multidisciplinary research and the development of an innovative academic program using simulation.

Founded in 1993 under the name of GEPROVAS, the project was created following a worrying observation: in France, there are too many implant failures, putting patients' lives at risk.

After years of developing a unique expertise, particularly in the field of vascular surgery, Gepromed was born in order to be able to replicate the same concept to all specialties using implantable medical devices with the aim of protecting the patient by ensuring the safety and effectiveness of these devices.

As a reference in research on implants and explants, Gepromed has 3 main missions :

  • To test implants and explants to ensure their reliability for the patient.

A failing explant is an explant that exposes you to complications and difficult re-operations.

  • Train surgeons on state-of-the-art simulators.

Implants are becoming more and more complex, we need to improve the quality of training of practitioners throughout their career.

  • Support manufacturers in the testing of their implants.